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genesa_kirkAt The Self-Health and Awareness Center, we are pleased to offer a variety of different types of sacred geometric shapes including the Genesa Crystal, the Merkaba (or Merkabah), the Mediation Wheel (also known as the Prayer Wheel), the Star of David, the Pentasphere, the Pentagram, the Infinity Symbol, and more. 

It all started with Genesa Crystals and we hold a special place for them in our heart. Since we first learned about them from Machaelle Small Wright at the beautiful Perelandra garden, we have been hooked. We knew immediately that we wanted one and set out to make it. 

Hand-Crafted Artwork
Each piece is hand-crafted at the studio in beautiful Parkersburg, West Virginia. Each piece is made specifically to your order for you according to your specifications. This is done so that your energy is in the crystal even before it is formed. Your intentions are key to this work. 

So whether you plan to use your Genesa Crystal or other Sacred Geometry for healing, spiritual development, ascension, meditation, making flower essences, radionics, or just cleansing and balancing the energies of your home or garden, your piece will reflect that.

Order Online or Call

Take your time and peruse the website to see the many options that we offer. When you are ready to order go to the Order Here page and click on your selections. If you have any questions, feel free to email genesajoe55@yahoo.com
 or call 304-285-8588.
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After more than a decade of offering spiritual guidance, spiritual workshops and classes, holistic healing, and Sunday Services along with our little shop that offered crystals and sacred geometry among other sundries, we have closed our brick and mortar operations and now focus our energies entirely online. This gives us an opportunity to take our local focus and make it more global. We now serve people all over the globe. 

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